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E-merging Forum – is an international event that brings together teachers of English, international experts and world famous plenary speakers to discuss and share challenges and best practice.

E-merging Forum 5

E-merging Forum 5 was held on 12 -14 March 2015 and was covered online. Read all the blog posts and watch video interviews from the event here.

Photos from the E-merging Forum 5 are available here

Video recordings of all plenary sessions from the E-merging Forum 5 are available online

E-merging Forum 4

E-merging Forum 4 was successfully held in Moscow on 13-15 March 2014. 

You can see the video interviews with speakers and facilitators and video of presentations from five discussion groups here.


E-merging Forum 3

Over three days, teachers from all over Russia and beyond got together to discuss the hottest topics in English language teaching at the E-merging Forum 3, which was held in Moscow 28 February – 1 March 2013. Five keynote speakers, 33 speakers at breakout sessions, 15 facilitators from five countries and more than 700 participants made this an unforgettable and inspirational event.

You can also watch a short video about the event, and try to find yourself in more than 800 photos from the E-merging Forum 3: Day 1Day 2Day 3.

E-merging Forum 2

E-merging forum 2 was held 29 - 31 March 2012 in Moscow. The forum brought together over 400 teachers to discuss and share best practice, issues and solutions. Over 900 teachers also watched events online.Key speakers included Amos Paran, Richard West, Sandie Mourao and Duncan Christelow.

Watch recordings of all plenary sessions on our Youtube channel.

You can also look at our photo album to remind yourself of the E-merging Forum 2

E-merging Forum 1

On 3-5 March 2011 the British Council Russia organised the first E-merging Forum, which brought together over 250 teachers of English from all over Russia and Europe. Our key speakers were Rod Bolitho, Gavin Dudeney, Maureen McGarvey and Richard West. 

You can also look through the photos and remind yourself of the highlights of the forum.