Monday 10 April 2017
Moscow Pushkin Drama Theatre

The Chekhov International Theatre Festival, supported by the British Council, organised a series of performances of Shakespeare’s spectacular plays Twelfth Night and The Tempest by the UK theatre director Declan Donnellan and set designer Nick Ormerod as part of their international projects programme. The total of 6 shows took place in Moscow and Sochi in 2016.

The remounting of these theatre performances’ is undertaken within the British Council’s global Shakespeare Lives Festival and the UK-Russia Year of Language and Literature 2016.

Twelfth Night

Twelfth Night is a result of coproduction of the Chekhov Festival, International Confederation of Theatre Unions in cooperation with the UK theatre company Cheek by Jowl.

The cast includes Russian actors such as Igor Yasulovich, Alexander Feklistov, Mikhail Zhigalov, Andrey Kuzichev and Alexander Arsent’ev. The cast are all male, as was traditional in an Elizabethan theatre, where young male actors played female parts.

After its premier on the Fifth Chekhov Festival in 2003, this dazzling production of Twelfth Night was performed on the most prestigious stages around the globe including the UK, France, Brazil, Chili, Australia and New Zealand.  Audiences were enraptured and the production was described as ‘unforgettable’ by The Sunday Times. 

Upcoming events

  • April 10, 2017 at 19:30 at The Pushkin Theatre in Moscow. Tickets

The Tempest

The Tempest directed by Declan Donnellan is a coproduction of the Chekhov Festival, their long-term partner Les Gémeaux Theatre Company (Paris, France) and the theatre company in London Cheek by Jowl. It was premiered at the 10th International Chekhov Theatre Festival in 2011 and the reviews claimed the production to be extraordinary funny but at the same time the director Declan Donnellan and his actors managed to reveal the essence of the play.

The Tempest became the fourth production by Declan Donnellan and set designer Nick Ormerod with Russian actors whom they have been working with for more than fifteen years already.

The Chekhov International Theatre Festival

The Chekhov International Theatre Festival was established by the International Confederation of Theatre Associations. The First Festival was held in 1992. The festival has three programmes - the World Series programme showcases drama and dance companies from all over the world, Moscow theatre programme and the Regional programme. Over the years the festival acted as a co-producer of new productions with renowned international directors, producers, actors and Russian theatre companies. The British Council has been a long-term partner of the Festival, promoting British culture to Russian audiences by bringing UK companies to perform in Moscow.