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The British Council has developed free websites for learners of all ages. Check out our audio and video materials and games as well as reading, grammar and listening activities. We hope you will find them useful.

Learn English for children – LearnEnglishKids

LearnEnglish Kids is a fun and free website for children aged 5–12. Learn English with on-line grammar and vocabulary games, songs, stories, poems and videos, as well as a wide range of interactive materials. LearnEnglishKids offers downloadable materials for teachers and parents useful both in and outside of the classroom.

Learn English for teenagers – LearnEnglishTeens

Are you a teenager learning English or are your teenage children studying English? LearnEnglishTeens is specially designed for teens aged from 13 to17. A wide range of materials will help you to improve your listening and spelling skills as well as creative writing. Learn phrasal verbs with our exciting games, quizzes and comic strips. The website offers grammar and vocabulary exercises, exam preparation tips, compelling video and audio podcasts and stories on English and different aspects of British lifestyle.

Learn English for grown-ups – LearnEnglish

LearnEnglish offers plenty of learning audio and video materials as well as 2000 interactive grammar drills. Check out our games, business English resources and IELTS preparation activities. Sign in to use our forum and blogs and to download learning materials.

«You’re hired» with LinguaLeo

Dreaming about a job in an international company or looking for new staff? Check out our free «You’re hired» video course! The course contains materials especially designed to help you fulfil your professional ambitions while developing your English language skills. The course encompasses a wide range of questions from writing a good motivation letter to different interview tips. The course will help you to avoid common interview mistakes, create a great presentation and a lot more.

For those looking for new staff we offer useful situational interview questions to help you to learn more about job candidates. We also provide a few tips on how to reject candidates that cannot be selected for the position available in the most proper way.

All videos are subtitled and have follow-up activities for you to check what you’ve learnt.

English video and audio materials

We offer a rich collection of free audio and video materials for language practice. These include podcasts, TV programmes developed jointly with the BBC, videos on English history, traditions and culture and learning materials with language patterns useful in daily life. Take advantage of our downloadable audio and video materials for use off-line. All audio and video tasks have follow-up activities to help you check what you’ve learnt. Learn English and have fun!

LearnEnglish website: Listen & Watch

Learn English with football

If you are learning English and are interested in football, Premier Skills English can help you improve your English while learning new facts about Premier League clubs and players. Find out more matches and Premier League rules, play games and do quizzes. The website offers a specially developed section for teachers to help you with lesson preparation, as well as language materials to use in the classroom. Why not learn English with football?

Business English

Speak English but want to improve your business English skills? Wonder whether your business English is up to standard? Want to apply for international jobs where English is the working language? We have the right resources to help you improve your business English. Here you will find business podcasts, articles, and videos to help you fulfil your professional ambitions.

LearnEnglish website: Business & Work

Get ready for IELTS

If you are on your way to taking IELTS, check out our IELTS section. Here you will find a range of useful speaking, reading, writing and listening materials as well as great exam tips. Sign in to connect with thousands of user across the world preparing for IELTS and to download materials.