Russian Chemistry week
Saturday 25 October 2014 - 00:00 to Sunday 26 October 2014 - 00:00
Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow

Chemistry and art are usually seen as opposites; art is seen as being creative, expressive and fluid, and chemistry is analytical, precise and staid. However, there is a lot that connects the two and this year, the Royal Society of Chemistry has chosen to celebrate the connection between chemistry and art by organising a series of activities and events under this theme. 

In collaboration with our outreach partner, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Royal Society of Chemistry is delighted to be able to translate key activities that we have run in the UK, and make them accessible to the Russian public, to further spread the understanding of how chemistry and art are closely interlinked. 

Royal Society of Chemistry invites everyone to participate in the events of the Russia Chemistry Week. 


David Peggie
25 October, Saturday, 16:00
Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow
Free Entrance

Dr David Peggie, scientific analyst at the National Gallery for over 8 years, will introduce the work of the National Gallery scientific department; from the analysis of the materials found in paintings to some of the stories behind the works themselves.

Scientific research into the materials and technology of Old Master paintings has been conducted at the National Gallery for over half a century. The investigation of pigments, paints, varnishes and conservation materials provides important information on the chemical and physical behaviour of both the original materials used in the works of art and any later additions which may be present.  

Dr David Peggie will discuss how 'behind-the-scenes' scientific work is used to provide art historians (curators) and conservators with the most accurate information possible about the material composition of the paintings and how this is used to inform decisions about their care and display, ensuring that generations to come will enjoy these magnificent paintings.

Adult Masterclass in spectroscopy
25 October, Saturday, 17:30
Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow
Free entrance, the registration is required. The quantity of places is limited.

The master classes will take the scientific work even further, allowing attendees the chance to run and analyse the type of spectra David Peggie discusses in his lectures. This masterclass will provide a hands on experience for participants to see how science and art can be closely interlinked.

25 October, 13:00-17:00
26 October, 13:00-17:00
Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow

The Royal Society of Chemistry organises a lot of the activities and events for children. Experiments and master classes allow kids to understand the science secrets behind art. These fun hands-on activities allow participants a chance to be creative, including making their own crystals, viewing the hidden colours in a black pen, and creating molecules from gummies. Children will be able to take home Russian versions of hand outs, explaining the science behind the different activities and furthering the understanding of science.