Tuesday 13 February 2018 to Tuesday 27 February 2018
Krasnoyarsk, Yekaterinburg, St Petersburg, Kazan, Moscow

The British Council and The Vladimir Potanin Foundation are glad to introduce a series of public talks within Cultural Skills Academy Russia Programme. The talks continue the programmes of the seminars covering the topics Designing business models and Developing audiences 

13 February, 


Mel Larsen: Using the Power of Vision for Business Performance – using your imagination for better business direction and results 

This session invites you to think about the ‘bigger picture’ - the ultimate difference your organisation can make. It will cover creating a powerful and authentic Vision for your organization and for the audiences you want to attract and develop. 


15 February, 



Sian Prime: Leading Change in Business Models

This session is devoted to the importance of leadership, imagination and innovation insights from supporting cultural organisations to develop sustainable business models.


20 February,

St Petersburg


Mel Larsen: From the Outside In – tools to help you understand and develop your audiences

This session gives you a structure to think in detail about what you offer from the point of view of a new audience. It will cover strategic planning tools such as the Marketing Mix and the Customer Journey.