Thursday 07 August 2014 -
20:00 to 23:59
«Strelkaа» Institute, Moscow

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The impact of Alfred Hitchcock on modern cinema cannot be underestimated. Most thrillers shot by directors of the 2 half of the 20 century — including works of such masters as Claude Chabrol, François Roland Truffaut, Stanley Kubrick and John Carpenter — intended wholly or partly to reproduce the aesthetics created by the ‘master of suspense’.

However, Hitchcock’s genius is such that many of his inventions are fixed not only in film but also in other artistic forms.Being inspired by the works of German expressionists and by the works of Salvador Dali, Hitchcock turned each shot into a complete picture. He used the music of Bernard Herrmann for his non-silent films and thus made the viewer a participator in the events shown on the screen, which exaggerating the feeling of anxiety. Hitchcock did not plan to create a ‘school’ but he established a model to follow, and his films are still a source of inspiration and the subject of numerous remakes.

British critic and journalist Ian Smith and Russian film critics including film historian Nikolay Izvolov, program director of the Sakhalin International Festival «On the Edge» Alexey Medvedev, supervisor of pitching at the Opne Russian Film Festival «Kinotavr» Anna GudkovaNina Tsyrin, a translator and columnist for the magazine «Kinoart», Viktor Zatsepin, a film critic and curator of educational programs.

Moderator — Mihail Ratgauz.