Saturday 30 May 2015 -
15:00 to 23:59

British Council Russia, the Documentary Film Centre and the school of foreign languages, BKC-IH are pleased to invite you to Educational Saturday, which will take place on 30 May, at 15.00 at the Documentary Film Centre (Zubovsky Boulevard, 2).

We will screen a film by Dan Reed Children of the Tsunami (59 mins, 2012, UK).

On March 11th Japan was hit by the greatest tsunami in a thousand years. Through compelling testimony from 7-10 year-old survivors, the film reveals how the deadly wave and the Fukushima nuclear accident have changed children’s lives forever. Radiation and its possible long-term effects are a constant worry for parents and children who choose to remain in Fukushima. Many parents have placed severe restrictions on where their children can go, how they dress and what they can eat and drink.

The screening will be in English with no subtitles or translation.

After the screening there will be a discussion with Cecile Fretz, a licensed CELTA specialist on communicative methods of language teaching.


Please don’t be late!

If you don’t have chance to register, you can still attend the screening and get a free seat according to availability on the doors.

Age restriction: 16+

More information at:

Tel.: +7(495)737-52-25