Wednesday 02 September 2015 - 11:42 to Sunday 06 September 2015 - 11:42

This year the British Council is supporting the modern documentary film festival “Center”, on the theme of cities and citizens, which is held at the Documentary Film Center and Moscow Museum from 2 to 6 September 2015.

The festival CENTER presents films that explore the boundaries of modern megacities and the city as a social system.  Every year the programme covers one aspect of big city development and defines issues dealing with areas such as current changes of city outlook, urban expansion, lifestyle, ecological problems and globalization. 

The festival board is chaired by documentary filmmaker and professor of Moscow State University of Cinematography Boris Karadgev.  The festival programmer in 2015 is the journalist and film critic Victoria Belopolskaya.

The festival will open with the premiere of “Amy”, directed by Asif Kapadia, dedicated to the British artist Amy Winehouse.

The festival’s main event is the competition.  The entries are films presented at the major international film festivals, including works of British directors: “Love hotel” (directors Phil Cox, Hikaru Toda) and “Rio: 50 degrees” (director Julien Temple).  Each film presented at the competition will be shown for the first time in Russia.  The competition will be judged by the audience as well as by a jury – “Cinema art” magazine chief editor Daniil Dondurey and documentary film director Tamara Dondurey.

The festival will be supplemented with an out-of-competition special screening of “Art and the Сity”, exploring the place of art and cultural institutions in the life of a large city.

Traditionally, the festival closes with a silent film screening from the collection of DFC Media Library in the courtyard of Moscow Museum.  In 2015 the film “Man with a Movie Camera” will be screened, the incidental music for which will be prepared by one of Moscow’s composers.

‘Center’ expands the borders of not only the programme and calendar, but also enters new venues.  Screenings will take place at the Documentary Film Center and Moscow Museum as well as the Institute of Media, Architecture and Design “Strelka”, the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts and the Multimedia Art Museum.

Films of the British programme:


Director: Asif Kapadia

127 min

Great Britain, 2015

The story of Amy Winehouse in her own words, featuring unseen archival footage and unheard tracks.

Moving from Winehouse's first steps in the music business in 2001 to her death in 2011 at just 27, 'Amy' gives equal weight to her talent and tragedy. But the film refuses to offer easy answers to explain her demise, preferring to submerge us in a perfect storm of accelerated global celebrity, fractured family relations, destructive romances, bulimia, depression, drug abuse and alcoholism.


Directors: Phil Cox, Hikaru Toda

75 min

Great Britain, France, Japan, 2014

Member of HotDocs film festival and CPH:DOX

Pensioners, lawyers, married couples and teenagers are all customers at the Angel Love Hotel in Osaka Japan. With unprecedented access into one of the most private and anonymous spaces in Japanese society, this film follows the love hotel's struggling manager and staff as the try to keep their hotel running, as well as revealing the intimate and private lives of the customers who visit.


Director: Julien Temple

100 min

Brazil, U, Germany, 2014

Member of IDFA film festival 

A look at Rio's cultural, political and technical revolutions since the 1970s to 2011.

As Brazil prepared to host the Fifa World Cup last summer and the Olympic Games in 2016, Rio 50 degrees explored the cultural and social history of the city of Rio de Janeiro, home to more than six million Carioca.

A city of extremes, Rio is still seen by many as a tropical paradise, but it is also a city divided by class, ravaged by poverty and gun crime. With its roots and rhythms in samba, the music of Rio has directly influenced decades of social and cultural change.

Rio 50 degrees journeys through an extraordinary city, illustrated and narrated by the music and voices of this Brazilian metropolis.