Wednesday 06 August 2014 -
19:30 to 23:59
«Strelka» Institute, Moscow

Registration is closed, you can watch the streaming here

It is no secret, that women have a special role in Hitchcock’s films. In this public lecture British film critic and writer Ian Smith will introduce a host of Hitchcock’s female characters, and fashion historian Megan Virtanen will discuss the fashion styles and the standards of female beauty that prevailed in the era of silent cinema.

Women’s fashion of the 1920s is focused on the idea of «a new European woman» — an active, practical and sporty individual who rejects the norms of behaviour imposed by conservative society. While moralists were despairing of the era’s decadence, the skirts became shorter, figures — slimmer, and regular use of makeup became de rigueur. Feminine floral prints of the previous decade were replaced by Art Deco geometric patterns. Girls around the world frequented cinemas not just to watch the latest films, but to admire the latest fashion styles of their favourite actresses.

Megan Virtanen will discuss how the «roaring twenties» and the cinema of the era have changed the idea of femininity, body images and style.

Anna Gudkova, curator of Campus Generation at Kinotavr film festival, will be moderating the talk.