Saturday 29 October 2016
Radio City Bar (Moscow)

Dear all, this year “The New British Film Festival” not only introduces you to the latest British films but also invites you to play a big film quiz and try to win valuable prizes!

The quiz will take place on 29 October from 14:00 to 16:30 at Radio City Bar (Bolshaya Sadovaya, 5). In order to win your team must solve 40 British films related puzzles. The tasks will be different and sophisticated, but also fun and plain: crosswords and rebuses, pictures and videos, quotes and soundtracks, questions in “What? Where? When?” and “University challenge” format.

The winners will get tickets for the new British Film Festival, board games, puzzles, “Amediateka” subscription and other surprises!

The quiz is organised by the “Kinofun” project. They have organised more than 70 movie quizzes in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and other cities in Russia.
The heart of the project is Egor Moskvitin, a Russian cinema critique, columnist for “Meduza”, editor of “Geek-TV”, part-time observer for “Snob”, “Ogonek”, “” and S7 magazine.

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See you!