Friday 01 December 2017 - 13:00 to Saturday 02 December 2017 - 19:30
Moscow, Museum of Moscow

This conference will take place on 1 December 2017, coinciding with the 121st birthday of the Museum of Moscow. The event will look at how Moscow has changed in recent years and how the Museum of Moscow, one of the city’s oldest museums, should deal with these transformations and explore both the past and future.

Programme and participants

Foteini Aravani, curator at the Museum of London and of The City of Ours exhibition (in London until 2 January 2018), is a special guest speaker at the conference. Foteini will share her experience of working in museums during the plenary presentation and will also take part in a “The future through art” panel discussion. 

Other speakers include: Alina Saprykina, Vladimir Paperny, Evgeny Uss, Alisa Prudnikova, Rustam Rakhmatullin, Nikolay Malinin, Simon Dunlop and more.

The conference will open with the "Open museums" round table, which will enable museum directors to explore how contemporary museums could engage with cities and city dwellers. Curators, artists and scholars will share their experience about working with the past and will discuss the role of museum in rethinking the history during the “History as a project” session.

A discussion "The future through art" discussion will focus on the ways in which museums shape the public perception of cities.

During "The city evolution" session section the participants will explore how the public perception of Moscow has changed over the past few years and whether these changes are for the better.

The conference will close with a session on "The formula of Moscow", in which” the industry experts will come together to explore what the future will bring for Moscow. They will discuss the management of the city, interaction among its dwellers and how architecture, art and culture will change.

Admission is free and advance registration required. Please register via the following links for 1 December and 2 December 2017.

Please see the Museum of Moscow’s website for further details. The event is part of the British Council’s Future Culture programme.