Saturday 05 July 2014 - 00:00 to Sunday 06 July 2014 - 00:00

On 5 July 2014 Nikola-Lenivets art-park will once again host The Night of New Media, one of the biggest festivals of digital art and music in Russia.Hundreds of people will join together for the all-night show to celebrate the possibilities of new media art combined with landscape art-objects in the natural environment of the 650 acre park. The focal point of the festival will be an architectural object called Universal Mind, where DJs and electronic musicians from all over the world will play sets accompanied by a spectacular laser show.

As part of The Night of New Media, British Council Russia will present two large-scale installations. British multimedia artists Elliott Woods and Mimi Son (Kimchi & Chips, UK/South Korea) will take part with their #Light Barrier installation, and the winning Russian team from the Culture Shift Russia: Digital Emulsion workshop will create a light show with cinematic elements entitled HIDDEN.

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# Light Barrier
Kimchi and Chips (UK/South Korea)
6 July 00:00–04:30

A light installation that crosses over millions of beams of light within a cloud of haze, thereby creating floating graphic objects. The rays of calibrated light are knitted together into fundamental shapes, which fly freely through a forest opening amongst spectators and trees.

This installation pushes against the limitations of reality, attempting to bring digital objects into free physical space. The speed of light barrier stops anything in the observable universe from travelling faster than a photon, and attempting to break this law exposes new phenomena and laws of reality which keep the law intact.

The system encapsulates a ’light field projector’, inverting the mechanism of devices such as the Lytro light field camera.By using 160 curved mirrors, the artists create an array of sub-projectors, allowing control of the intensity, direction and origin of light as it travels through space.


Hidden, the winner project from the Culture Shift Russia Digital Emulsion workshop is based on the principle of anamorphosis when abstract forms shape into recognisable images due to perspective distortion. Viewers should interact with the object through searching for the right angle to look at it, so distinct pieces of installation become one.

The installation is dedicated to lost objects from Nikola-Lenivets. Following Maslenitsa traditions, a Russian spring celebration, the park organizers annually burn art-objects specially created for this event. Authors of Hidden installation will remind viewers of those burnt artworks by projecting images of fire and archive videos from Maslenitsa celebrations at Nikola-Lenivets.

Separated flat elements of video installation will float in the night space, coming together, separating again and illuminating viewer’s path from Brodskiy’s Rotunda to Bernaskoni’s Arch. The whole project is directed by Gia Dzhahaaa and Vladislav Nakoryakov from ATTRACTOR team, and by Theory and Practice editor Furkat Palvanadze.


In May 2014, the British Council in partnership with FutureEverything and Nikola-Lenivets Art Park organized the Culture Shift Russia: Digital Emulsion workshop, which took place over three days at Nikola-Lenivets.

This was the second event in the framework of the Culture Shift Russia programme, which was successfully launched at Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design in September 2013. Following the first laboratory which was devoted to the smart use of open data by various cultural institutions, we are moving from the general idea of combining art and culture with digital technologies to its practical application.

Participants from the Culture Shift Russia: Digital Emulsion programme, a 48-hour long intensive workshop, have been working on creative concepts and prototypes for The Night of New Media festival together with British artists Kimchi and Chips (Mimi Son and Elliot Woods) and Tom Higham, the executive producer of FutureEverything, the R&D hub for digital culture. One of the key tools used was VVVV technology, alongside custom built Digital Emulsion shaders.

The winning team with the best concept will return to Nikola-Lenivets on 5 July to showcase their installations at the Night of New Media with Kimchi and Chips.

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Tom Higham
Tom is Executive Producer of FutureEverything. He will be leading and facilitating the Art Lab.

Elliot Woods
Elliot Woods is a digital media artist, technologist, curator, and educator from Manchester, UK. He creates provocations towards future interactions between humans and socio-visual design technologies (principally projectors, cameras and graphical computation). With this goal in mind, Elliot co-founded Kimchi and Chips, an experimental art / design / technology studio based in Seoul. He is known for transforming a tree into an addressable array of voxels and for throwing augmented fireballs.
Elliot is a curator of the ScreenLab Residency and ScreenLab Conference programmes, which develop digital media arts practice, and encourage dialogue between digital and contemporary art cultures. He applies his academic background in physics to produce sense-able interfaces with abstract systems, whilst applying a methodical approach to artistic enquiry. Elliot is a contributor to the open Frameworks project (a ubiquitous toolkit for creative coding), and an open source contributor to the VVVV platform. His code is available open source and for free on GitHub.

Mimi Son
Mimi Son studied Interaction Design at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design after finishing her MA degree in Interaction Design at the Landsdown Centre of Middlesex University in London. She has been teaching Interactive Storytelling at Kaywon School of Art and Design (South Korea) for six years and has been working as an art director in her own studio. Her artwork has been exhibited in Seoul, Tokyo, Barcelona and Aarhus in Denmark. She is currently researching emotional and tangible interaction for future life and the effects of technology from a creative approach. She is interested in exploring her surroundings with her eyes shining before creating something interactive and funny based on narrative snippets from her life.