Monday 27 September 2021 to Wednesday 08 December 2021

The Cultural and Education Section of the British Embassy in Moscow and British Council UK announce the UK-Russia Graduate Research Fellowship Programme for Russian female Early Career Researchers, who will receive financial support to undertake postgraduate fellowship research projects at UK institutions in the following fields:  

  • Arctic Research,

  • Life Science & Medical Research, 

  • Climate Change Research. 

The objectives of the Graduate Research Fellowship Programme are:

  1. to support promising Early Career Researchers,
  2. to contribute to joint UK-Russia research and create long-term links between UK host institutions and Russian applicants’ home institutions, and
  3. to increase participation of female researchers in science fields.

This Graduate Research Fellowship scheme is part of the University Alliance programme whose overarching goal is to connect the UK with Russia’s universities and research institutions by expanding research collaborations and academic exchange. 

The Fellowship Programme is open to Russian female postgraduate students working toward their PhD/Doctorate (aspirantura/doctorantura) at Russian universities, research institutes in the following subjects: Arctic Research, Life Science & Medical Research, Climate Change. 

A fellowship funding will be available for a minimum of 3 months and maximum of 9 months. The length of the fellowships will vary based on the individual proposal, but the fellowship visits must take place in the following period: from March 2022 through to March 2023

Eligible costs can include travel and living costs in the UK, and costs associated with the research project (i.e. consumables, costs associated with using lab equipment, travel to conferences or work events within the UK).

Applications must be submitted electronically to the University Alliance programme email by the end of the day on 8 December 2021, 23.59 Moscow time. 

Applicants who are shortlisted will be invited for an interview. 

Applications will be assessed by the international Selection Panel according to:

  • general relevance to the fields of Arctic research, life science & medical research, climate change; 

  • quality of the scientific content of the proposed activity; 

  • whether the proposed research project will strengthen scientific collaboration between the UK and Russia;

  • compliance with Guidelines for Applicants and the relevant Application Form instructions.