Friday 01 December 2017 -
20:00 to 23:00
Powerhouse, 7/4 Goncharnaya street, Moscow

The Selector LIVE party series introduces Russian audiences to cutting edge music from the UK – from UK Garage and Neo Soul to dubstep and IDM.

Selector Live continued with a special live performance of Flamingods (UK) and garage rock band Lucidvox (Russia) at Moscow’s Powerhouse club on 1 December 2017.

Flamingods is a London-based quintet, in which art is rooted in a love for the spaces between cultures. They’re cross-cultural magpies, absorbing styles and instruments from the world over into their mesmerising sound. Their new EP Kewali was released in May 2017 on Moshi Moshi Records. 

Originally started as a solo bedroom project for main vocalist Kamal Rasool, they became a multi-headed musical force following an eight hour impromptu jam session at the Animal Collective curated ATP Festival in 2010. Their brazenly rootless and cosmopolitan approach, which voraciously consumes dance, psych and folk from across the planet and reconstructs it into beguiling psychedelic wig-outs, comes at a crucial time in our global culture. 

Like the rest of the EP which bears its name, Kewali is the result of Flamingods coming off the road having learnt the secret musical alchemy that turns an audience from a bunch of onlookers into a unitary hive mind, together floating on the same feeling. Flamingods are a step forward at a time when the world seems bent on looking backwards.

Flamingods magical performance was supported by Lucidvox — a four-piece, all-woman band from Moscow who make a great tripped-out rush of garage rock and guitary weirdness that is a beautiful swamp of sound to drown in. They also introduced an outcome of collaborative music residency, supported by Powerhouse music studio.

Selector PRO 2017

Selector PRO is a music forum of events and activities bringing industry professionals from the UK and Russia together with a wider audience.

Selector PRO 2017 features a brand new format, and will run as a professional development programme for the music industry. Selector PRO 2017 aims to create links between UK and Russian industry and entrepreneurship, provide training and support for developing Russian musicians, managers and journalists and share professional expertise and showcase new talent from the UK.