Thursday 20 March 2014 - 00:00 to Sunday 23 March 2014 - 00:00
Documentary Film Centre, Moscow

The British Council, in partnership with Beat Film Festival and the Documentary Film Centre, will arrange a showcase of Sheffield Doc/Fest, one of the most outstanding international events in the world of documentaries. This event will showcase Festival winners from the last few years. British film directors, producers and the Festival management team will present the films.

All Sheffield Doc/Fest Showcase events will be hosted by the Documentary Film Centre (Zubovsky boulevard, 2) from 20–23 March 2014.

Please visit the British Council and the Documentary Film Centre websites for more details. Schedule available soon.


Sheffield Doc/Fest is the leading documentary festival in the UK, where a number of Oscar winning films such as Searching for Sugarman (Oscar winner in 2012) and The Act of Killing (Oscar nominee in 2013) were first shown. Moreover, the Festival is a key industry event, and a must for film directors, delegates from the BBC, Channel 4, ARTE, the Sundance Channel and others involved in promoting and financing documentaries.

The Sheffield Doc/Fest Showcase in Moscow, as part of the UK-Russia Year of Culture 2014 will present five films, which provide an insight into the festival and contemporary documentaries in the UK in general.

The Big Melt is based on the British Film Institute archive, and opened the Festival in 2013 as an anthem to Sheffield as the steel capital of the UK, written with the support of Jarvis Cocker, the Pulp band member.

Project Wild Thing was presented several years ago through the Festival.It is the comic story of a father who tries to lure his children away from the computer screen, and launches a massive promo campaign encouraging them to «get back to nature», starting from his house and spreading to the whole of the UK.

Salma is the latest work by the famous British documentary film director Kim Longinotto, nominated for the main Festival award.

Great Hip Hop Hoax is a contemporary version of The Great Rock ‛n’ Roll Swindle, a story about a Scottish duo that bluffs everyone into believing they are American rappers.

And finally, The Stuart Hall Project, a fabulous documentary about Stuart Hall, a famous British sociologist, intellectual and one of the founders of cultural studies, who died at the beginning of 2014.

The Sheffield Doc/Fest is known for its industry events — pitching initiatives, heated debates, public talks with producers and distributors, and workshops with professionals. The Showcase will bring a piece of the educational programme to Moscow too. The expert team will be composed of Silvia Wroblewski (Director for Development, Sheffield Doc/Fest), Jeanie Finlay (Film Director, Great Hip Hop Hoax) and Kate Townsend (Executive Producer, BBC Storyville).