Wednesday 08 October 2014 - 00:00 to Friday 14 November 2014 - 00:00
CCA "Sokol", Moscow

The "Space of no Exception" exhibition in CCA "Sokol" is the final stage of the biennial creative exchange cycle between students of the Institute of Contemporary Art, Moscow, and Goldsmiths College, London, both leading institutions in the field of art education in Russia and the UK.

The starting point for the project was the idea of Jeff Wall, one of the greatest modern photographers. According to him, exhibition space should combine light and darkness, day and night, the "white cube" and the "black box", i.e. it should consist of "solar and lunar sections”. The "Space of no Exception" exhibition is an attempt to extend this idea, to create a reverse projection of the world of art in real life.

 Combining mixed media works, which represent a subjective view of artists with different histories, the curator creates a space in which material and psychological worlds are not opposed to each other, they do not generate antagonism but co-exist, exposing the inevitability of interdependency and mutual influence.

 This project is part of the UK-Russian Year of Culture 2014.


Natalia Alexander, Olga Butenop, Carl Ghent, Julia Gorostidi, Sarah Duffy, Jasmine Johnson, Catherine Isayev, Daria Kalugin, Maria Colina Perez, Elena Martynenko, Dorine van Meel, Elena Minayeva, Daria Neretina, Mandy Niewohner, Paul separately Vera Papadopoli, Alia Pathan, Sarah Pager, Xenia Plush, Elaine Reynolds, Abri De Swardt, Shelby Seu.