How We Learn TATE BP project
How We Learn TATE BP project
Wednesday 08 October 2014 - 00:00
Educational Centre «Garage» (Moscow)

Tate’s International Learning programme BP Art Exchange with the assistance of the British Council announces the launch of the program How We Learn at the Museum of Modern Art "Garage", the Pushkin Museum and the State Tretyakov Gallery.

BP Art Exchangeis an educational project dedicated to international cooperation and exchange. It brings together schools, galleries, artists and cultural institutions around the world with the help of the existing social media platform and offline programs, the essence of which is the interaction between artists, teachers and young people to discuss new creative ideas.


Russian BP Art Exchange 2014 program consists of events for children, teachers, art coaches and artists:

On October 6, 7 and 8, 2014 at Garage Museum of Contemporary Art will be held "How We Learn" and "Emotional Mapping" workshops, which were first presented at the show in Belfast Exposed and were adapted for global use in the framework of the BP Art Exchange.

7 October - workshop "Emotional mapping" for the middle school in the the State Tretyakov Gallery at Krymsky Val

9 October - workshop "How We Learn" for high school students in TSEV Museyon Pushkin Museum.

11 October - workshop "Your Tretyakov family"  for young students and their parents  at the Educational Center of the State Tretyakov Gallery (Lavrushinskiy Pereulok)

How We Learn (BP Art Exchange in partnership with Belfast Exposed and MARCO) © Marysa Dowling
Participants work from BP Art Exchange workshop at MARCO, Mexico