Wednesday 29 November 2017
Moscow, Strelka Institute,14 unit 5 Bersenevskaya embankment

On 29 November 2017, Strelka Institute hosted a public lecture by music manager and event management tutor from the UK, Tim Collins.The former Muse, Captain Beefheart and Queens of the Stone Age tour manager spoke about his profession and how the management of music events has changed over the last 50 years as a result of technology and big brandpartnerships.

Tim Collins

“Brought up on the Beatles, as a young person I loved music, listened to everything I could and consumed it in every way possible. And once I was old enough to go to a concert – my father let me go to my first 'rock' show mistakenly presuming that Uriah Heep was a Charles Dickens play rather than a hairy progressive rock band – I was smitten. But as a youth, I had no real concept of touring or the logistics that delivered a show until one day, with time to kill and evidently a new-found adventurous streak, I walked around to the back of a venue and discovered equipment, trucks and roadies. Even better was the revelation that if I helped to push the boxes of equipment, I’d get in for free!” 

In his eight years of managing punk icons Siouxsie and the Banshees, Tim was influential in regenerating the band’s career in America; achieving number one Billboard Modern Rock tracks, major billing on the seminal Jane’s Addiction Lollapalooza tour and placing songs in feature films including Batman Returns.

Returning to live touring in 2000, Tim tour managed Fun Lovin’ Criminals, Queens of the Stone Age, Gorillaz and Richard Ashcroft before joining Muse for six years as Head of Live Production.

Currently, Tim Collins leads on the Live Event Management course at BIMM, where he teaches modules in music touring, logistics, tour financing and production as well as health and safety.

Selector PRO 2017

Selector PRO is a music forum of events and activities bringing industry professionals from the UK and Russia together with a wider audience.

Selector PRO 2017 features a brand new format, and will run as a professional development programme for the music industry. Selector PRO 2017 aims to create links between UK and Russian industry and entrepreneurship, provide training and support for developing Russian musicians, managers and journalists and share professional expertise and showcase new talent from the UK.