Hitchcock 9
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From 1 – 9 August, 2014, nine silent movies made by Hitchcock in the 1920s were shown outside at Strelka Institute. The atmosphere of the master’s early works was enhanced by live music performed during screenings, composed by leading British composers.

The “Hitchcock 9” film festival was organized by British Council Russia in collaboration with Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design as part of the UK-Russia Year of Culture 2014. The films, which have been restored by the British Film Institute, were shown in Russia for the first time.

The BFI’s restoration of the ‘Hitchcock 9’ is the largest restoration project the BFI has ever undertaken and is only possible now with the help of new digital technology. The BFI holds some of the most important and earliest surviving copies of the silent Hitchcock films, including negatives; in addition to these, they have sourced other materials from international archives. Excitingly, the restorations have not only revealed the films looking crisper and fresher than ever but also new layers of meaning have been uncovered. 

Apart from film screenings, festival guests could also participate in an educational programme on Hitchcock’s works, silent movies and working with archive materials, which includes meetings with British and Russian experts, workshops and lectures. 


Hitchcock’s The Mountain Eagle – the tenth of his silent films – is still missing and is top of the BFI’s Most Wanted list.


Marina Chuykina, PR-manager, British Council Russia.

Julia Lomako, PR-manager, Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design.