Creative producer, organizer and supervisor of pitching at the Open Russian Film Festival «Kinotavr», Anna is programming director of the education centre «Kultburo».

Anna graduated from the historical philology department of RSUH and for several years worked in television. In 2003, she took up the position of editor in the film company «PROFIT» and since that time is engaged in film production, as well as new technologies and model implementation for communication and education in the film industry. As an editor and creative producer she has launched about ten films and more than forty TV series, among which are «Piter FM», «Everybody dies but me», «Metro», series «Znahar», «Verbnoe voskresenie», «Ladoga» and others. She worked with companies «RWS» of Yuri Sapronov, «Racoon» of Valery Todorovsky, «Sreda» of Alexander Tsekalo and Ruslan Sorokin and many others.

Anna organised and held pitching — public sessions on the presentation of film projects at the festival «Kinotavr», and then became the main expert and pitch coach in Russia. Now pitching as an instrument is commonly used in the Russian film industry, beginning from the Ministry of Culture and Cinema Fundt to film festivals and film institutions.