In preparation for the «Hitchcock 9» film festival our team met with a number of respected film industry professionals from various backgrounds: film directors, producers, actors, film critics and others. The interviewees spoke about the influence that Hitchcock’s films have had on their own work and why the Moscow festival is not to be missed.

Ingeborga Dapkunaite, one of the most well-known actresses in Russia today, highlights how Hitchcock’s mastery of creating suspense continues to inspire filmmakers today. She also adds that if there was a time-travel opportunity to work with Hitchcock, she would most like to appear in Psycho. In another interview Alice Grebentchikova, a famous face in Russian theatre and cinema, creates a short suspense scene in the style of Hitchcock — running away and hiding from an unseen pursuer. Filmed at the grounds of Praktika Theatre, Alice gives an emotional address to the audience: «The festival really is not to be missed».

Other film industry faces, such as the programme director of Kinotavr Film Festival, Sitora Alieva and director and screenwriter, Nikolay Khomeriki echo this sentiment. Watch all the video interviews in our playlist.