Russia Beyond The Headlines

Russia Beyond The Headlines is a multilingual news and information resource that offers news, opinion and analysis on culture, politics, business, science, and public life in Russia. Since 2007 RBTH has published print supplements in a number of influential international newspapers (The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Daily Telegraph, Le Figaro, El Pais, Le Soir, etc.) encompassing 26 newspapers, 16 languages, 23 countries, 19 websites, 9.5 million copies and 31 million readers.


Real Scary TV

TV Channel "Real Scary TV" presents a collection of the best films and TV series in the horror genre, science-fiction adventures, black humour, mysticism and thrillers. The channel presents films that curdle blood, involve and intrigue, forcing the viewer to catch a break from everyday life. Great choice of different genres and producing countries allows each viewer to find something interesting. 60% of the content is feature films, 40% – TV series.


Interview Magazine

Interview Magazine presents fair conversations between famous people from the world of fashion, art, cinema, music and literature. The magazine was founded by Andy Warhol in 1969 and beginning from December 2011 is being published in Russia under the leadership of an Editor in Chief Alyona Doletskaya. Each Interview issue is created by the most eminent and talented people, making it a source of opinions about not boring, high-lived and significant ideas in a modern worldwide culture.



KinoPoisk is the main website about cinema in the Russian-speaking segment of Internet.

Radio chocolate

Radio Chocolate 98FM

Radio Chocolate 98FM - radio for those who appreciate the quality of life and, regardless of being loyal only to one genre, wants music to accompany him every moment. Radio Chocolate 98FM airs only high-quality European music as well as the best musical hits of the century. 

Radio focuses on such subjects as: Breaking news; Key events in the world of art, cinema, theatre, and fashion; Author’s columns about travelling, gastronomic places, leisure and pleasures of life.



www.vse.to is an innovative webconferencing platform that lets its users share live-streams of cultural and educational events in real time. The service connects content providers (live event organizers) with a network of remote audiences in public spaces - libraries, museums, and clubs - throughout Russia and abroad. Thus, in essence, vse.to acts as a social network for public venues, capable of transmitting and receiving live interactive video content. 

logo megafon


megafon.ru A partner of online broadcasting of the festival opening and closing ceremony. MegaFon is an innovative company that provides its customers qualitative service and the fastest mobile Internet. MegaFon was the first company in the world that commercially launched the format 4g +, providing the speed of mobile data transmission up to 300 megabits per second.

logo soyuz kinematografistov1

The Youth Centre of Filmmaking Union of Russia

The Youth Centre of Filmmaking Union of Russia was established in October 2012. Its main purpose is promoting of student and debut films, legal and information support of young filmmakers. Among its tasks, the Youth Centre sees the promotion of young filmmakers at international and Russian festivals and TV, holding of workshops and educational programs, organizing of film screenings, addressing of initiatives to support student and debut films.



WOS.ru is an online magazine about art and sport, science and sex, technology and cinema, food and psychology. An informational portal that is done by 25-year-olds for 25-year-olds. There are no forbidden and uninteresting topics for us. We are not afraid of making mistakes, to speak ironically about ourselves and sometimes be misunderstood.