A public talk by Ian Haydn Smith "Shakespeare, Genre Cinema and his Enduring Legacy"
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Beyond the classical adaptations of Shakespeare, how has genre cinema drawn on the playwrights work? With examples from a variety of genres, including sci-fi, the musical, melodrama and gangster movies, this talk aims to highlight the enduring appeal of Shakespeare's themes, no matter the period or backdrop. Whether its at high school or on the streets of Mumbai, a distant planet or the American plains, these films underpin the importance of Shakespeare across the spectrum of popular culture.

About the lecturer

Ian Haydn Smith is a film journalist, critic and writer. He is the editor of Curzon Magazine and BFI Filmmakers Magazine. Moreover, Ian worked as the editor at International Film Guide and in that capacity attended international festivals and was a regular jury member. He frequently performs as a broadcaster and interviewer on radio and television. For many years Ian is the regular host for BAFTA events, as well as panel discussions at the last four editions London Film Festival. During the last couple of years Ian has been consulting British Council in many countries, including Russia, on forthcoming film programmes and events. Most recently, he presented on Shakespeare and film at the Hong Kong International Film Festival.

As part of the Midsummer Nights Festival 22-26 June.