А public talk by Jerry Brotton "Tsars, Shahs and Sultans in the Shakespearean World"
Venue: Muzeon Cinemahall

Towards the end of Shakespeare’s Love’s Labour’s Lost, the ‘Masque of the Muscovites’ offers a comical but topical reflection on Elizabethan England’s close but often neglected alliance with Russia. Throughout Elizabeth’s reign England established relations with not only Russia through the creation of the Muscovy Company but also Persia, the Ottoman Empire and the Barbary states of North Africa. In this talk Professor Jerry Brotton will explain how these neglected international alliances with Russian Orthodox and Islamic empires was central to Elizabethan foreign and commercial policy, and also found its way into a range of Shakespeare’s plays from Titus Andronicus and The Merchant of Venice to Othello.

About the lecturer

Jerry Brotton is Professor of Renaissance Studies at Queen Mary University of London. He is a regular broadcaster and critic as well as the author of eight books, including the bestselling A History of the World in Twelve Maps (2012) and This Orient Isle: Elizabethan England and the Islamic World (2016).