Leonard Whiting

In Conversation: Leonard Whiting and Ian Haydn Smith
Muzeon Cinema hall

Leonard Whiting made an indelible mark on 1960s cinema and pop culture with his portrayal of the love-struck Romeo in Franco Zeffirelli's swooning 1968 adaptation of Shakespeare's tragic romance. Prior to the screening of this recently restored classic, Leonard Whiting will discuss his role in the film, his experiences of working with Zeffirelli and co-star Olivia Hussey, and the film's impact at the time as well as its enduring legacy.

Ian Haydn Smith

A film journalist, critic and writer. He is the editor of Curzon Magazine and BFI Filmmakers Magazine. Moreover, Ian worked as the editor at International Film Guide and in that capacity attended international festivals and was a regular jury member. He frequently performs as a broadcaster and interviewer on radio and television. For many years Ian is the regular host for BAFTA events, as well as panel discussions at the last four editions London Film Festival. During the last couple of years Ian has been consulting British Council in many countries, including Russia, on forthcoming film programmes and events. Most recently, he presented on Shakespeare and film at the Hong Kong International Film Festival.

Leonard Whiting

The Golden Globe winning British actor, best known for his role as Romeo in Franco Zeffirelli film version of Romeo and Juliet opposite Olivia Hussey. Before starring in the film, Leonard starred as the Artful Dodger in the London theatre production of “Oliver”, 1962, the Walt Disney film “The legend of the young Dick Turpin” (1966) and toured Moscow with the famous Old Vic Company in “Love for Love” (1965). His works include films as Casanova (1969), “Say Hello to Yesterday” (1971), Frankenstein (1973), animation films, such as “The Dreamstone”, “Charlie's Dream” and “The Hole in the Sky”. He was the guest vocalist on the “Tales of Mystery and the Imagination”, platinum selling record album. Theatre shows include Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Joseph and the Amazing Coloured Dream Coat”, The Samuel French play “A Touch of Spring” and the Ben Travers play “Bed before Yesterday”. Leonard has toured the world giving master classes on Shakespeare with particular reference to Romeo and Juliet. As Zeffirelli said: “Let the boy who taught the world to love teach the world to love Shakespeare”. In 2014 Leonard Whiting reunited with Olivia Hussey to work or the film “Social Suicide”, their first work together in the 46 years since Romeo and Juliet.