Eugene Vodolazkin is a participant of the 18th International Book Fair for High-Quality Fiction and Non-Fiction, where the United Kingdom will be the Country of Honour this year as a part of the UK-Russia Year of Language and Literature 2016.

About the speaker

Eugene Vodolazkin, born in 1964, is a fellow at the Institue of Russian Literature (the Pushkin House), Doctor of Philology and author of numerous academic published titles and articles. 

His coauthored book „St. Cyril, Therapont and Martininan of Beloozero“ was published in 1993. Throughghout the years between 1992-2002 he was awarded fellowships for research and lectureship in Germany from Toepfer Foundation and Alexander von Humboldt where he researched and taught in Germany. In 2000 in Munich he published his “World history in the literature of Ancient Rus“ where he elaborated and proved a new concept of historical narrative in Ancient Rus.

In 2000, he started writing articles for media (Nezavisimaya gazeta, Novaya gazeta, Literaturnaya gazeta, Zvezda, Ogonyok, Expert and others). Vodolazkin’s debut novel, Solovyov and Larionov, became an immediate success and was shortlisted for the Andrei Bely Prize (2009) and Big Book Award (2010). His second novel Laurus received the Yasnaya Polyana (Leo Tolstoy) Award in 2013 and was shortlisted for the National Bestseller Prize 2013, the Russian Booker Prize 2013 and nominated for the NOS Award 2013. Since 2012 he has been heading the “Modern literature in literary tradition“ research centre at Pushkin House. He is also the chief-editor of Text and Tradition Almanac.