Olga Varshaver is a participant of the 18th International Book Fair for High-Quality Fiction and Non-Fiction, where the United Kingdom will be the Country of Honour this year as a part of the UK-Russia Year of Language and Literature 2016.

About the speaker

Olga Varshaver was born in 1959 into a family of Moscow architects. She graduated from Moscow State Pedagogical Institute and is qualified to teach English. Nina Demurova gave her her blessing to do literary translation. Olga was a school teacher and attended Igor Bagrov“s seminar arranged by Inostrannaya Literatura journal. In the beginning of the 1990s she ran her own seminar affiliated with the Vagrius publishing house.

Olga is a member of the Masters of Literary Translation Guild. She was awarded the Serebryany Strelets literary award in 2010. Her translation of Kate DiCamillo“s book The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane was shortlisted for the Master 2010 Award for literary translation in the Children's literature category of nominations.

Olga has translated more than 25 books, stories and articles in journals. These include works by authors Tom Stoppard, Iris Murdoch, Neil LaBute, Eleanor Farjeon, David Almond, Dr. Seuss, Kate DiCamillo. Inspired by Farjeon“s tale Olga wrote a play named „Serebryanka“.

Olga has translated the poems of Veronika Dolina into English.

From 2000 to 2009 she was the editor and chief-editor of the international journal for teachers „Thinking Classroom / Peremena“.