Today designers are the new rock stars. Unquestionable trendsetters, they shape public opinions on style, lifestyle, literature and pretty much everything else. Everything around us today is a product of design, including photography, printed materials, the interfaces of the digital world, commercial products and even public spaces.It is no surprise that people in the design profession have become today’s gurus.

Britain is home to a multitude of influential studios, publications, awards and clubs that are shaping the global design industry. This new publication created by KAK Project (KAK magazine) in collaboration with British Council Russia consists of four parts: context, schools, studios and industry.It includes interviews with some of the most well-known names in British design on the subjects of contemporary graphic design, its history and future outlook. Top British designers discuss where to study design, where to draw inspiration from, how to best structure your free time and most importantly how to earn money in this profession. The hundreds of works featured in the book provide invaluable guidance and inspiration for both professional designers and design students.

This 496-page tome is a must-have publication for any professional design studio or private library.

«British Design: context, schools, studios, industry» is published as part of the UK-Russia Year of Culture 2014.

«This publication is specifically dedicated to British graphic design and its leading role in world visual culture.It covers the history of British design, the main design schools and universities in the UK, as well as the most important studios and individual designers, the overall design environment and institutions working in the design sector.It looks not only at the graphic design sector in London, but also explores what the regions and countries of the UK bring to the design table. Discussion of recent cultural trends in graphic design, issues relating to advanced technology and the active UK market, client education, the continuity of generations, and the future of visual communication make this publication more than just a reference work.

I hope that this new book will be a useful resource for those who want to learn about the UK’s design scene — professional designers, practitioners and everyone who is interested in the influence of British graphic design.»

                                                                                                                                   Paul de Quincey
                                                                                                 Director, British Council Russia (2014)

KAK magazine

KAK is a magazine about professional graphic design in Russia. It was founded by the DesignDepo studio in 1996 and is published in 5,000 editions quarterly.  In collaboration with foreign design studios we put together issues covering British, Japanese, American, Swiss, French and Indian designers and their work.

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