We are happy to announce the participants selected to take part in the first European Creative Hubs Forum: ‘How work works?’ The event, bringing together the best creative hubs managers from all over Europe, will be held in Belgrade, Serbia, 22-24th September 2016. 

Russian participants

Our three final applicants, founders and curators of their own creative spaces, come from Moscow, Krasnoyarsk and Rostov-on-Don.   

Ivan Mitin is a founder of Ziferblat, a first anti-café international chain. It is the first place in the world of its kind where people pay only for the time they spend there. Ziferblat is “a cozy home-like place where you can do whatever you like – either work and create or rest”. The chain keeps growing and currently comprises 15 locations across Russia and abroad. 

Anastasia Valmont is a concept-manager at Kamenka, a loft-project that combines Siberian craftsmen’s workshops, display areas and a creative hub. Over three years Kamenka has become a point of genuine cultural attraction and hosted thousands of various events. 

Alexander Kuleshov is a CEO partner of the ‘Creative Space’, the first centre for the creative development in the South of Russia. It hosts more than 60 events a year - among which are different workshops, exhibitions, fairs and a lot more. ‘‘Creative Space’ was designed as a platform to bring together creative people, to develop their own ideas, to help freelancers and small-size companies in finding business partners and provide the ideal atmosphere for creative people.

About the European Creative Hub Forum

The Forum will take place from 22-24th September 2016 at the Yugoslav Film Archives in Belgrade, Serbia and be curated by Kulturni Kod/Nova Iskra.  It will bring together 100+ managers and representatives of European hubs from over 20 countries.  Themed 'How Work Works?', this forum aims to map out the diverse ecosystem of hubs, showcasing their value and diversity, along with their invaluable role amongst the creative hub landscape in supporting creative entrepreneurs across Europe, and further afield.  The forum will be made up of inspiring keynotes, case studies, panel discussions, intensive workshops, informal networking events and field trips which will combine to offer hub managers insight into space, community and business models. 

In an ever-changing global landscape, we recognise that hubs are important spaces where people can design, test, scale and launch enterprising new ideas. Aimed to help creative hubs managers make their spaces more resilient and sustainable, European Creative Hub Forum provides an opportunity for creative hubs managers to meet, network, exchange best practices, explore solutions to common challenges, and get to know each other, which we hope will spark new connections and exciting collaborations.

What is the European Creative Hubs Network (ECHN)?

The ECHN is a two-year project, funded by the European Commission and led by the British Council to support the development and support of creative hubs across Europe. Our partners are creative hubs from across Europe: Bios in Greece, Addict in Portugal, Betahaus in Germany, Kulturni Kod/Nova Iskra in Serbia, Creative Edinburgh in the UK, Factoria Cultural in Spain, and the European Business Network (EBN). In the coming two years, the project will strive to strengthen the creative hubs at the European level by enhancing transnational and cross-sectoral cooperation among the partners. One of the goals of the project is to provide additional education and capacity building programmes for managers, cultural and creative professionals as well as entrepreneurs. In addition to these activities, three international conferences dedicated to the creative hubs and development trends in the field of creative industries will be held, with the first one taking place in Belgrade in 2016, while the other two will unfold in Athens and Porto respectively.

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