Tahmima Anam, Benjamin Markovits and Helen Oyeyemi at GRANTA event. 2013

We organize meetings, discussions and roundtables with contemporary British writers - not only with such prominent authors as Martin Amis, David Mitchell and Lawrence Norfolk but also with young British novelists. We participate in major book fairs in London, Moscow and Krasnoyarsk. We support literary prizes and exhibitions, organize seminars on creative writing, publishing and illustration. 

One of the most significant elements of our work in literature is translation and publishing on contemporary British writers in Russian. In 2016 our literature programme was dedicated to celebrating Shakespeare’s works, on the occasion of the 400th anniversary of his death in 2016. 

Our projects

  • Free online course “Entire Shakespeare”. This project is devoted to William Shakespeare, and explores myths about him, his most remarkable plays and their destiny in the theatre during and after the author’s life. The course consists of video lectures, texts and games. Lectures are given by theatre researcher and Shakespeare’s connoisseur Alexey Bartoshevich. 
  • Emoji Shakespeare App is a free game app for smartphones. The idea of this game is to fill in blanks in famous Shakespearean quotes with emoji and it features sonnets, comedies, tragedies, histories, and other works of the great poet and playwright.

Projects archive

  • Sonnets Exchange (2016-2017)

    In September 2016 Scottish poets Stewart Sanderson, Christine De Luca, British poet Jen Hadfield and Russian poets Marina Boroditskaya, Grigory Kruzhkov and Lev Oborin participated in a three day translation workshop in Moscow. Six months on, in March 2017, the poets reunited in Scotland to present their final works, along with a trilingual anthology of poems – four from each poet.

  • A Competition for Russian translators of English (2016)
    Competition entrants were presented with the first chapters of 12 works written by contemporary British authors. Both amateur and professional translators were invited to take part in the competition. An expert panel judged the work of participants, including contributors to literary journals, critics, editors and recognised specialists of literary translation.

  • UK at the 18th International Book Fair Non/Fiction (2016)
    In 2016 the United Kingdom became the Country of Honour at the 18th International Book Fair for High-Quality Fiction and Non-Fiction for the first time. 13 British writers and 12 British publishers took part in the professional and public programme of the Fair. More than 70 events took place at the Central House of Artists and external venues and were attended by more than 6500 people.
    As a part of the main programme of the Fair the British Council's Director of Literature, Cortina Butler tackled the question "What is British Literature today?" and offered some suggestions on what to read after Julian Barnes, Martin Amis and Ian McEwan. Her speech is attached below.
  • British Literature Today: seminar at Yasnaya Polyana (2016) – the inaugural residential seminar in Russia devoted to contemporary British literature.
  • Future of the Word (2016) – a forum devoted to new perspectives on reading culture, the publishing industry and creative literary process in the UK and Russia.
  • International Literature Framework (2015) – Russian delegate’s visit to the International Literature Showcase in Norwich. 

  • British writers in Russia KRYAKK (2014) – British writers Helen Dunmore, Nigel Farndale and Imtiaz Dharker visit to Krasnoyarsk book fair. 

  • Competition of literary translation of Sinead Morrissey Poems (2014) – Russian competition of literary translation of the poems of the British poet Sinead Morrissey in partnership with Inostrannaya Literatura (Foreign Literature Review).

  • GRANTA – visit of emerging British novelists together with the recognised Granta nominees in Russia (2013-2014). Among the partners of the programme in Russia was Ahmad Tea Russia.

  • Literature Summer Festival – a vast literary programme involving British and Russian authors held as a part of the traditional Ahmad Tea June Music Festival held in Muzeon Park of Arts.  Among the 2015 participants were Robert Irwin, Ian McDonald, Adam Foulds, Tatian Tolstaya, Vladimir Sharov, Vera Polozkova and Kirill Serebryannikov.

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