Andrey Astvatsaturov

Andrey Astvatsaturov’s lecture is devoted to Rudyard Kipling’s early works like Lispeth, Beyond the Pale and Miss Youghal's Sais. We will learn about how Kipling created his artistic reality, how an anecdote can be transformed into a story, a fairy tale or a political parable, and how complicated the relationship is between the East and the West.

The lecture took place on 30 June 2016 at the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow as part of the lecture programme "400 years of British history in portraits".


Andrey Astvatsaturov is a well-known writer, philologist, literary critic, lecturer, Associate Professor of Saint Petersburg State University, member of the Writers' Union of St. Petersburg. He is the author of People in the Nude, Skunscamera, and Autumn in Pocket. Andrey is the winner of “NOS”, “TOP-50”, “Famous people of St.Petersburg” awards, and a finalist of the “National Bestseller” award.