In his lecture, dedicated to portraits of John Milton and Charles I, Dmitry Ivanov will talk about a number of significant events in the history of England in the mid-XVII century; the Puritan Revolution, civil wars, the establishment of the Commonwealth, the Protectorate of Oliver Cromwell, and the restoration of the monarchy. 

Charles I, the second king of England from the House of Stuart, seemed to do everything to set everyone against him. Faced with the resistance of the revolutionary parliament and rebellious Londoners, the king decided to declare war on them, but, as a result, lost his crown and his head.

Poet and writer John Milton actively supported revolutionaries and was among those who welcomed the king's execution. Milton entered the Republican government of England, went completely blind and retired from politics. However it did not stop him from writing – towards the end of his life he wrote his most important work, the epic poem “Paradise Lost” (1667), devoted to the key issues of religious ethics and human existence.

The lecture took place on 7 July 2016 at the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow as part of the lecture programme "400 years of British history in portraits".


Dmitry Ivanov is a literary historian, candidate of Philological Sciences, Senior Researcher at the Department of History of Foreign Literatures, Philological Faculty, MSU, where he has also read the history of foreign literature in XVII-XVIII centuries since 1996. Among his academic interests are English literature of the XVI-XVII and XIX-XX centuries. Dmitry Ivanov is the author of books, articles, and translations, including works on Milton.