The Annual Internship Programme for Young Russian Curators is organised by the members of the EUNIC Russia – the Austrian Cultural Forum, the British Council, the Embassy of Finland, the Goethe-Institut, the Embassy of Sweden and Moscow French Institute.

The aim of the programme is to help young Russian curators acquire experience, share their knowledge and create networks whilst working in leading European cultural institutions. For the past five years Russian curators have had experience of working with some of the most interesting and active European art. 

After the internships, curators develop their own independent curatorial projects, which are to be presented at the final event. The best project will be implemented with financial support from EUNIC (3000 EURO).

Programme 2017

This year’s EUNIC Curatorial Exchange programme was articulated as “Reaching out”. The main idea lies in rethinking how a curatorial statement could be represented in a broader sense and context. It could be connected with moving away from traditional institutions or with the creation of an extensive exposure to a wider audience, as well as to people with special needs and disabilities. Meanwhile art should be introduced in boundlessly diverse ways and forms and/or spread across the fringe territories. The curatorial and artistic message of this theme allows any form of media and occupies any kind of space, producing audience or artists’ response, opinion or coexistence. The key challenge and opportunity for curators will be to search, or invent, new instruments to collaborate with public areas and an unlimited number of individuals.

How to take part?

  1. Download the application form
  2. Submit applications to before 12 May:  the subject of your email should start with the country of your choice and include your name. (ex. Sweden_Koroleva_Svetlana).
  3. Based on applications received, representatives of the EUNIC cluster in Moscow will produce a first shortlist of applicants.
  4. Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed by representatives of the hosting institutions (via skype) that will then select curators for internships.

​The internships will be held between 12 June and 29 September 2017.


  • Russian citizenship
  • age from 23 to 35 
  • higher education
  • minimum of 2 years curatorial practice
  • foreign language knowledge according to the host country of the internship

Hosting institutions

Whitworth Gallery (UK):

A gallery that is historic and contemporary, academic and playful. Founded in 1889 as the first English gallery in a park, the Whitworth has been transformed by a £15 million development. This is a gallery whose visitor numbers have climbed spectacularly in the past five years, whose contemporary exhibitions programmes have given new life to international collections, and whose risk-taking curatorial team has gained global attention.
Part of the University of Manchester, the Whitworth is a gallery that is a place of research and academic collaboration, and whose education and learning teams have generated new approaches to working with non-traditional arts audiences.
Yet despite its ambition and change, the Whitworth is also a gallery that has retained a sense of the personal, the intimate and the playful. It is a place that its visitors love, and feel that they own.

Place: Manchester, UK
Time: September 2017 

Find information about other hosting institutions here