Fiona Shaw

This extract from the novel "Coastlines: The Story of Our Shore" by Patrick Barkham is presented as part of the UK-Russia Year of language and Literature 2016's New writing from the UK: a competition for Russian translators of English.

The translation is made by Olga Poley (Krasnoyarsk).

Patrick Barkham "Coastlines: The Story of Our Shore" (2015)

Genre: Non Fiction – Nature and Travel
Publisher: Granta
Awards: Badgerlands shortlisted for Oondaatje Prize, 2014 & Wainright Prize, 2014; Butterfly Isles shortlisted for Oondatje Prize, 2011.

Patrick Barkham was born in 1975 in Norfolk and is a features writer for the Guardian.

As well as Coastlines: The Story of Our Shore, he is the author of The Butterfly Isles: A Summer in Search of Our Emperors and Admirals which was shortlisted for the Ondaatje Prize, and Badgerlands: The Twilight World of Britain’s Most Enigmatic Animal, which was also shortlisted for the Ondaatje Prize and the Wainwright Prize, and chosen as a Book of the Year by the New Statesman, the Sunday Times, the Guardian, the Herald and The Times. He lives in Norfolk.

Told through a series of walks beside the sea, this is a story of the most beautiful 742 miles of coastline in England, Wales and Northern Ireland: their rocks, plants and animals, their views, walks and history, and the people who have made their lives within sight of the waves. As he travels along coastal paths, visits beaches and explores coves, Barkham reflects on the long campaign to protect our shoreline from tidal erosion and human damage and weaves together fascinating tales about every aspect of the coast - from ancient conquests and smuggler's routes, to exotic migratory birds and bucket-and-spade holidays - to tell a more profound story about our island nation and the way we are shaped by our shores.