The Moscow Metro and the British Council launched a new thematic train, entitled “Future Science”, which will run on the Moscow Metro until the end of June 2018.

The launch is a key event in the UK-Russia Year of Science and Education 2017 which the British Council and the British Embassy in Moscow are leading together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

The project is dedicated to UK and Russian scientists and their discoveries that will change our world in the future. Each carriage tells a separate story – about space exploration, about research into the human body, about energy and new materials, about ecology and climate research and about the interaction of humans and robots.

Each carriage has an eye-catching colour scheme, represents a specific topic – “Space”, “Health Technology”, “Energy”, “Nature” and “People and Machines” – and features pictures of prominent UK and Russian scientists and their key achievements.

This latest collaboration between the Moscow Metro and the British Council aims to popularise science and scientific knowledge and builds on the successes of the “Shakespeare Passions” train launched in Moscow in May 2016 and the “Heart of Russia” train launched in London in October 2017.