We are opening a second call for applications within  the UK-Russia Year of Language and Literature 2016  bursary scheme to support UK authors published in Russian translation. 

Please submit your application until 15 February 2017 by completing one of the e-forms below depending on the type of bursary you are applying for.

About the bursary scheme

The bursaries are intended to help these publishers translate and promote UK authors to Russia readers:

  • a translation bursary supports Russian publishers to commission outstanding Russian translations of British literary fiction. 
  • a marketing bursary allows Russian publishers to deliver an author-focused marketing campaign in Russia.

It is hoped that the bursaries will provide a further reason for publishers to work together on developing Russian audiences for British authors. Through these bursaries, the British Council is particularly keen to support new and emerging British writers, whose work has not previously been translated into Russian. 

Russian publishers may apply for bursaries of up to 200 000 (two hundred thousand) roubles to cover literary translation or author marketing costs for the book which will be published in Russian for the first time and for which publishing rights have been licensed in 2016.

Six bursaries are available. If applicants apply for less than 200 000 roubles then the British Council reserves the right to support further applicants.

Translation bursary

Applications for the translation bursary require the following:

  • a signed translation agreement with a professional English translator (or a signed letter of intent); 
  • a signed agreement with the licensing UK publisher (or a signed letter of intent); 
  • a statement that includes the publication date and intended first print run.

Applications for the translation bursary will be rejected if they include costs for rights, editorial, design, production, printing or marketing costs.

Successful applicants agree to print a standard acknowledgement of support inside the book. The translation bursary must be spent on translation services before 31st December 2017.

Marketing and Publicity bursary

Applications for the marketing and publicity bursary are given preference if they include any of the following:

  • an author visit to Russia with more than one event;
  • an event that featuring both the author the Russian translator;
  • an innovative digital marketing campaign;
  • commission of an outstanding cover design.

Proposals must include a simple budget. Applications may include the cost of employing freelance PR, marketing and design services. Applications for the marketing and publicity bursary will be rejected if they include book printing and production costs, or more than a quarter of the bursary is allocated for hospitality costs.

Successful applicants are required to acknowledge the support provided by the British Council at events supported under the application. The bursary must be spent on marketing and publicity by 31st December 2017 unless otherwise agreed by the British Council.

The successful applicants will list British Council as a global partner and the British Council’s logo will appear in the relevant websites and Russian publications/social platforms where relevant, as well as the UK-Russia Year of Language and Literature Logo and BP (sponsor). 

Both partnership organisations will share photographs and other material relating to the British Council programme as soon as they become available. The publisher will use reasonable endeavours to elicit approval from artists involved in order to give permission to British Council to use the material for promotional purposes in print and online on its resources.

For more information please contact Lidia Khesed at Lidia.khesed@britishcouncil.org  or + 7(495) 287 18 04.

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