Teachers’ Pack 

To help teachers across Russia participate in Science Week in Schools, the British Council, in partnership with the British Science AssociationAstro Academy: Principia and the ENGAGE Project have created a special teaching resource pack.

The pack includes lesson plans, exercises and assignments, videos, suggestions for all-class discussions and useful links. The pack features lessons on the impact of 3D printing on society, aircraft design, the search for life on the satellite of Saturn and more.

  • Teachers’ Pack and accompanying student worksheets are available in Russian and English. The materials, as well as the certificates for participating schools, are available to download for free at the bottom of the page.

  • Accompanying videos with Russian subtitles.

Key vocabulary

Each chapter in the pack is accompanied by a glossary with definitions for key vocabulary, prepared by the English language learning digital platform, Lingualeo.

Sets of terms will be useful to teachers of foreign languages, those who are going to conduct lessons in English, as well as students - in preparation for classes.

*Glossaries are accessible after registration on the Lingualeo website via the links below. (Registration via email or social media is available.)

For teachers of English

Ready-made materials for the science-related lessons of English on the LearnEnglishTeens website: the most interesting discoveries and inventions (articles and exercises for them), a blog about science and technology.

Additional resources

Useful links for teachers, interesting videos and articles, a game about space and resources on inclusive education.

Resources on Teachers’ Pack themes

  • Wireless signal blockade: possible causes of signal disruption and recommended settings for Wi-Fi routers by computer manufacturers (in English)
  • Wireless signal blockade: an article on the possible impact of Wi-Fi signals on human health (in Russian)
  • Life on Enceladus: a video on the possibility of life on Saturn’s moon, Enceladus (in Russian)
  • Anamorphic art: videos with examples of anamorphic images set to music (video 1video 2)
  • The Stroop effect: a video outlining the theories that explain the Stroop effect (for students with an advanced level of English)
  • The Stroop effect: a popular article and an academic article by St Petersburg State University researchers on the Stroop effect, explanations for it, tests and experiments (in English and Russian)
  • The social impact of 3D printing: the house ‘built’ by a 3D printer in Russia 24 hours (in English and Russian)
  • The social impact of 3D printing: an article about the first gun 3D-printed in the USA (in Russian).

General science resources

  • Thinking like an engineer: a report by the Royal Academy of Engineering (UK) on the key methods used by engineers and scientists: systems thinking, visualising, adapting, finding and solving problems and improving processes. The report outlines how educators and students could use these methods in dealing with tasks, both academic and real-life (in English)
  • Rugged Rovers is a mobile game on the development and testing of space rovers, designed by the Science Museum (UK). Players choose the type and size of motors and wheels in order to handle any terrain on any planet. Ages: 7-14 (in English)
  • Artificial intelligence (AI): predictions by Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking, Ray Kurzweil and Nick Bostrom on the possible impacts of AI on the world (in English).


Inclusive education resources (in Russian)

  • A collection of resources to support of children with special educational needs
  • Books for children with special educational needs and their parents/guardians

1. Stephen von Tetzchner, Harald Martinsen, Introduction to Augmentative and Alternative Communication: Sign Teaching and the Use of Communication Aids for Children and Adolescents, Auflage, Whurr, London, 2000

2. Lori Frost, Picture Exchange Communication System, second edition, Pyramid Educational Consultants, London, 2002

3. Perkins School of the Blind: a collection of resources for parents/guardians of visually impaired children

General Partners of the Science Week in Schools

Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation

The Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation is the federal executive body responsible for developing state policy and legal regulation in the field of education, science, technical and innovative activities, nanotechnology, intellectual property, as well as in the sphere of upbringing, social support and social protection of students and pupils of educational institutions.

Russian Textbook Corporation

The Russian Textbook corporation is comprised of several publishing houses (DROFA, Ventana-Graf, Astrel), the educational platform LECTA, and the company that equips educational organisations with the “Drofa-New School” equipment. Russian Textbook is the leader in the number of titles in the Federal list: about 40% of the total number of positions. The activity of publishers is supported by professional expert communities: academicians and corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Sciences and RAO conduct a professional examination of the QMS, and directly participate in the development of the scientific core of the corporation’s future textbooks. The corporation cooperates with the institutes of advanced training in all regions of the Russian Federation and regularly conducts topical methodical events. Russian Textbook implements large-scale projects Country reading, Country with a great history, Country of Ecology, Country of unlearned lessons.

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