The Ministry of Education and Science of Russia

The Ministry of Education and Science of Russia is a federal executive authority responsible for the state policy development and normative and legal regulation in the sphere of education, research, scientific, technological and innovation activities, nanotechnology, intellectual property, as well as in the sphere of nurturing, social support and social protection of students and pupils of educational institutions.

Russian Textbook Corporation

Russian Textbook Corporation includes publishing houses DROFA, Ventana-Graph, Astrel, multimedia educational platform LECTA and the school equipment company Drofa - New School. It currently holds most positions on the federal list and about 40 per cent of the total number. The publishers are supported by experts: corresponding members of the RAS and the RAE conduct professional examinations of curricular packages and are directly involved in the development of the academic core of textbooks.

Content partner: British Science Association

The British Science Association (BSA) is a charity, founded in 1831. Their vision is of a world where science is at the heart of society and culture. Their mission is to support, grow and diversify the community of people interested and involved in science; and to strengthen their influence over science's direction and place in society.

Content-partner: The ENGAGE Project

The ENGAGE project is part of the EU Science in society agenda to promote more Responsible Research and Innovation’ (RRI). ENGAGE is about equipping the next generation to participate in scientific issues to change how science is taught. Traditionally students gain an image of science as a body of content, whereas RRI deals with uncertain areas of knowledge, where values and argument matter as much as facts. The Engage Consortium includes 14 Institutions from 13 countries.

Content partner: Astro Academy: Principia

Astro Academy: Principia is an education programme developed by the UK National Space Academy programme for the UK Space Agency and ESA (European Space Agency). The Academy designed, constructed, flight-qualified and developed experimental procedures for a suite of physics and chemistry demonstration experiments that were conducted by ESA astronaut Tim Peake aboard the International Space Station (ISS) during his six-month mission in 2016.

Smart Moscow

Smart Moscow is an interactive scientific programme for children aged 7-14 and their parents. In the classroom, students conduct experiments in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and related disciplines, and for adults, popular science lectures are read. The project is presented in 15 cities of Russia.


Foxford is an online school for pupils of grades 3-11, teachers and parents. Online courses and individual lessons with tutors help students prepare for the exams and olympiads, as well as study school subjects. Classes are taught by the Moscow State University, MIPT, Higher School of Economics and other leading universities.

Language Link

Language Link has been providing quality tuition in foreign languages ever since the creation of the company in 1975. In July 1994 Language Link launched in Russia and became one of the first language schools in our country offering studies with native speaking teachers from the UK, USA, Canada, etc. Today Language Link provides a wide range of language services. Language Link has more than 60 teaching centres throughout Russia and Kazakhstan.



Lingualeo's mission is to help people master foreign languages. Lingualeo uses game formats and interesting, high-quality content in order to motivate users to regularly practice a foreign language and achieve results. Lingualeo is available as a web app, as Android, iOS and Windows Phone applications, as well as a plug in for most popular browsers. Over 12 million people worldwide use the service to learn English.

Cambridge University Press

Cambridge University Press is a part of the University of Cambridge and a well-established publishing house.  Over the course of more than 450 years we have created a leading company in the sector and progressed from paper books to multi-platform digital resources. Its peer-reviewed publishing lists comprise more than 50 000 titles covering academic research, professional development, English language teaching