A children's centre of scientific discoveries in Moscow in the Sokolniki Park and in the Central Children's Shop in Lubyanka. There are dozens of unique exhibits that reveal to visitors the secrets of natural phenomena and the essence of physical laws: the coil of Tesla, the generator of Van de Graaff, the electric generator, the keg gun, the ladder of Jacob, optical illusions, the gyroscope. Visitors can be touch the exhibits, press on buttons, run propellers, pull levers, and explore.

Moreton Hall

Established in 1913 by the Lloyd-Williams family, today Moreton Hall is proud to be one of the UK's highest achieving independent girls' schools.  Moreton is seen as a forward-looking school where we value academic success and extra-curricular achievement equally. The school is known for being small, friendly and open, not cluttered by petty rules, but with a clear set of values agreed upon and respected by all members of the school community. 

Joseph Joseph

Joseph Joseph is an English cookware brand known in 120 countries around the world. Since 2003 the company has managed to win fans around the world with innovation, attractive design and excellent quality. The points of departure for the Joseph Joseph are the difficulties we experience on a daily basis, and the aim is to find simple and original solutions for them, and add distinctive English features: an unprecedented attitude towards safety, excellent materials and attention to detail.

Twin Group

Established over 20 years ago, Twin has a broad range of experience in providing rewarding education, training and employment services, with award-winning internships and British Council accredited English tuition. The company provides tailor-made packages for a number of funded projects including Erasmus+ for international students and has a proven track record with helping UK residents get into work or education.

Global School of English Edinburgh

Global School of English Edinburgh is located in the city centre and offers English language courses and Examination Preparation courses, 50 weeks of the year, with students able to start any Monday. The school is small and friendly (maximum capacity 130 students), with a large mix of different nationalities, offering low course fees but with no compromise on quality, no booking fee and no summer supplements.

The portal for teachers and parents about the education and upbringing of children. The website publishes methodological materials, recommendations, interviews, reviews, and acts as a platform for training and webinars. The portal has a forum for everyone interested in the field of education and training.


Russian innovative educational company, the developer of an interface for the network of research interaction between preschool children, school students, their parents and teachers. This is a secure moderated Internet system that provides teachers with tools and ready-made solutions for design and research activities at all levels from preschool to high school.

GlobalLab has an international community of 145,000+ participants from 60 countries.

Private Education

A publishing house with a focus on domestic education (preschool, general, vocational, higher and additional education of children and adults), including private education. The online platform provides important news in the sphere of education, and the FAQ section allows any participant in the system of education, from parents to officials, to find clarification on various issues.

Russia’s largest online platform dedicated to the search for educational institutions and specialised educational new media.

Planet of Education

Reference educational portal. Main sections: higher education, second higher education, MBA, secondary vocational education, trainings, seminars, additional education, distance education, private tutors, education abroad, preparatory courses, work for students. Articles. Forums. Internships. Grants.