Popular Mechanics

Popular mechanics is about the way the world works. We engage our readers by breakthroughs on the latest advances in science and technology in Russia and all over the world, cutting edge innovations in the fields of space, aviation, weapons, computers and cars – in short, with all the attainments of human minds, which will soon change our daily lives.

Macmillan Education

Macmillan publishers limited is currently one of the major and most famous publishers. The publishing house was founded in 1843 and since then has a large network of representatives in more than 120 countries. Macmillan publishes high quality academic, scientific and educational books as well as fiction and non-fiction titles.


Mel is a website with news and resources on the education and parenting of children for modern parents. Contributors to the website include top Russian journalists, psychologists, writers and teachers on parenting and education methods, schools, studying abroad, new technology, vocational guidance, educational activities and more.


Newtonew is a media project on education dedicated to the most relevant and useful concepts, theories and methods, technologies and research, products and services.  The resource offers an overview of changes and developments in education and science — today and in the near future.

Education for Children

A portal about schools and kindergartens in Moscow, an interactive map in the secondary and pre-school education sections. Possibilities of additional education for children, recreation with children, sports schools, art schools, advice to young parents, articles, competitions, forums. Help in choosing a school. Psychological testing of the child. Career guidance. Consulting services.

Moscow bookshop

The Moscow bookshoplocated in the heart of the capital, is a market leader with over half a century in the business and a reputation for maintaining its bookselling traditions.

Families have been enjoying the Moscow bookshop for generations, with its vast selection of bestselling titles and books across all genres. The bookshop also includes antique and exclusive editions as well as a selection of second-hand books and lends it space to a number of author events. 

Publishing House “Osnova”

"Osnova" produces magazines and literature for subject teachers, school administrators and pre-school educators featuring experience of colleagues from other regions and foreign countries.

The magazines offer materrials on the development of lessons, extracurricular activities, didactic and methodological materials, modern pedagogical technologies, methods of teaching, thematic supplements, free applications and electronic versions.


REPUBLIC* is a new type of book, gift and mood shop in Russia, distinguished by the variety of products on offer, its contemporary design and unique atmosphere.

There are currently 25 shops in Moscow and St Petersburg. Products on offer are selected to make life brighter and more interesting and include books (art books from top European and American publishing houses), stationery, vinyl, children's toys, gadgets, stylish home items and unusual food.

Charitable Foundation "Life Path"

The Charitable Foundation "Life Path" was established in 2009  in order to support adolescents and adults with serious developmental disabilities in using their rights to education, rehabilitation and a decent life, because special children grow up and become special teenagers, and then special adults. Its founder was the Centre for Curative Pedagogy (CSP) — one of the most respected charitable organisations in Russia.


LUSH products are fresh handmade cosmetics with a symphony of natural scents from fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers.

LUSH has held the top position among manufacturers of handmade cosmetics for many years, due to its sustainable environmental policy and creative products.

LUSH cosmetics are 100 per cent vegetarian and 70 per cent vegan and are not tested on animals.