Yan Yarmoshchuk

Yan Yarmoshchuk – specialist in space redevelopment and revitalization. Yan has been successfully working with creative hubs since 2009 when he first organized an independent contemporary culture festival "Platsdarm" to rethink the use of old factories and industrial sites where the festival was taking place. Now he’s working at Design factory flacon, one of the first creative clusters in Moscow, as the director of FlaconX.

FlaconX expands the experience of Design factory Flacon — one of the most successful revitalization projects in Russia. Company FlaconX operates in cities across Russia and among its most successful projects are: Brusov ship and Khlebozavod (Moscow), Flacon 1170 (Sochi), Svoboda2 (Chelyabinsk), Dorenberg (Irkutsk). Nowadays we are aimed at expanding of our experience up by means of franchise model and looking for partners, who seek new opportunities for abandoned real estate.