Thursday 03 June 2021 to Saturday 12 June 2021

As part of Beat Film Festival 2021, the screenings of the documentaries will be supported by wraparound programme of discussions and Q&As with specialists from different sectors.

June 3, 2021, Thursday
20:00 Alien on Stage screening 
Karo 11 Oktyabr

Introduction by journalist and theatre critic Anton Khitrov and music journalist and Festival special programme curator Alexander Gorbachev

June 5, 2021, Saturday
15:00, side programme for Bank Job screening
Karo 11 Oktyabr, Festival Centre

Lecture by Sergey Nugaev, founder of the noncommercial educational project Kruzhok, Forbes “30 under 30” 2021 list 

The Kruzhok project team travels around small towns and villages to give free courses for teenagers on coding, music, architecture and urban design. Sergey Nugaev - the founder of the project - will talk about the most significant experiences which helped him and his team to believe in their idea, about the interview with Yuri Dud, about future plans and why by sharing something with people like in his project Kruzhok or like characters in the Bank Job film, you get so much in return.

June 5, 2021, Saturday
17:00, side programme for One Man and His Shoes screening
Karo 11 Oktyabr, Festival Centre

Denis Lapshinov: how one outstanding client can define your career for the 10 years ahead

Once Nike put all its stakes on the upcoming player Michael Jordan, and it has become a marketing legend. Something similar happened with an independent creative agency SLAVA. In 2012 Google decided to compete for the Russian market and started a collaboration with SLAVA which then had 15 people on its staff. From this partnership dozens of fascinating projects emerged and received international recognition. Denis Lapshinov, the co-founder of the agency, will talk how it all started and what SLAVA looks like in 2021.\

Speaker: Denis Lapshinov - creative director and co-founder of the independent agency SLAVA

June 5, 2021, Saturday
18:00 One Man and His Shoes
Karo 11 Oktyabr’

The wish-granting machine: what do we buy for the price of sneakers?

Discussion participants: 
Slava Glushkov (Slava Gee), Creative Producer at The Misia, Creative Director at Epicc Agency, former Art Director at Gipsy Club, sneakerhead
Dima Tutykov, co-founder at TutkovBudkov agency
Denis Lapshinov, Executive Creative Director and founder of independent creative agency SLAVA
Denis Eliseev, founder of Friends agency
Moderated by Daniil Trabun, Product Lead at Yandex, sneakerhead

June 5, 2021, Saturday
19:00 Sisters with Transistors
Karo 11 Oktyabr’

Discussion with female electronic musicians of Resonance Records label about women in the contemporary music industry

June 6, 2021, Sunday
17:00, side programme for I am Gen Z screening
Karo 11 Oktyabr, Festival Centre

Last year, the Individuum publishing house released a collection of essays by Polina Aronson, dedicated to how views on romantic relationships are shaped today. Polina Aronson will talk to a psychotherapist Marina Travkina about new models of relationships for generation Z.

Polina Aronson - sociologist, publicist, author of “Love: make it yourself”
Marina Travkina - family psychologist and psychotherapist 

June 8, 2021, Tuesday
19:25 I am Gen Z

New Russians: generation Z in Russia

Discussion participants: 
Alexey Fedorko, founder of SRSLY
Danila Antonovskiy, psychologist, entrepreneur, founder of Yasno – online service for mental health counselling 
Sasha Martynov, founder of Rovesnik and Sversnik bars, and noname.roasters
Sasha Manakina, blogger, author of the Telegram channel

June 11, 2021, Friday
20:00, side programme for the I am Gen Z screening
Karo 11 Oktyabr, Festival Centre

Lado Kvatania: how to create a visual language recognisable to several generations

Lado Kvatania produces videos for Husky, Oxxxymiron and Leningrad, and he was the one who created the concept for Manizha’s performance at Eurovision 2021. Lado will reveal how to catch the spirit of the time and create a visual language recognisable by several generations - from boomers to zoomers, what to learn from Hitchcock and why for the directors’ debut he has chosen genre films.

June 12, 2021, Saturday
16:00 Bank Job
Karo 11 Oktyabr

If capital, then social: what is the support economy

Participants of the discussion: 
Nikita Kukushkin, actor at Gogol-center, founder of the charity foundation “Pomosch”
Dmitry Aleshkovskiy, founder of “Takie dela” media.