Thursday 17 July 2014 - 00:00

This year Adidas Originals brings to Russia its famous mobile online-party, Boiler Room! This project originally began with the simple idea of internet broadcasts. Now recordings of performances from Boiler Room have become a hallmark for musicians who record electronic (and other) music. Currently hundreds of extremely popular and niche musicians like Thom Yorke, Jamie XX, Sven Fat and Four Tet have taken part in this project.

Now for the first time Russian electronic artists will perform at Boiler Room, thus having the opportunity to make a name for themselves globally.

On average each of the Boiler Room live broadcasts is watched by about 200,000 people worldwide but only a few receive invitations to the live events. Now, thanks to Adidas Originals, Russian music-lovers will have such an opportunity. This year the project will start in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The launch of Boiler Room is also supported by the British Council as a part of UK-Russia Year of Culture.

The first event of this series — the launch of Boiler Room in Moscow — will be on Thursday, 17th July. Here is the full line-up of the event:

  • Lone (UK, A/V live)
  • Octave One (USA, live)
  • Mujuice (live)
  • Pixelord (live)
  • OL

The venue is a strictly guarded secret. Guests of Boiler Room and Adidas Originals will receive the address a day before the event. There will also be limited registration on the Facebook page of Boiler Room.


LONE — is one of the key names on the current British electronic scene. Under this name an Englishman, Matthew Cutler has already released 4 albums and more than 100 unique tracks. For the last 5 years he has performed both in bit-scene, which his music is often associated with, and in hip-hop, house, rave and classic Detroit techno. At the same time he manages to preserve his own distinctive sound. An optimistic vibe, warm synths, clear ecstatic moments, uncontrollable energy and bright melodies show that here is a musician who does what he really loves. At Moscow Boiler Room, Lone will perform a live program as part of his tour in support of the newly released album, «Reality Testing». He will also present his new visual program.


OCTAVE ONE — are classics of Detroit-techno which more than 25 year ago had a direct influence on the formation of this key genre of electronic music. Together with Jeff Mills, Derrick May, Juan Atkins and Carl Craig they created generational anthems and laid the foundations for further development of modern music. But it would be wrong to say that Octave One stuck in classic mode — in the techno-community they are also known as «futurists». They are constantly improving their sound and musical equipment which they will use with pleasure at their live concert in Moscow, which, by the way, will be their debut at Boiler Room.


MUJUICE — without doubt this is the most famous name on the Russian electronic scene. This project of Roma Litvinov has many incarnations: he wrote both uncompromising techno and gentle IDM, as well as releasing a super-successful album in the Russian language called «Downshifting» which raised him to the status of ‘voice of a new generation’. At Boiler Room in Moscow, Mujuice debuts with his new acid-house program in support of a new mini-album «Dirty» and the start his own label, «Acid Pop».


PIXELORD — perhaps one of the most famous Russian electronic artists abroad is Alexey Devyanin. One of the first Russian musicians to begin writing bass-music, he has already gained a significant international reputation. At his first performance at Boiler Room, Pixelord will perform a new audiovisual program created specifically for the release of his latest mini-album, called Portal.


OL — the Moscow electronic producer Oleg Buyanov is playing under this name. He is a member of RAD association and one of the artists of Capital Bass, the most influential bass-label in Russia. Among his interests are not only bit-music but also juke and mutant’s house. This performance will be OL’s debut performance at Boiler Room.