Tuesday 01 December 2015 - 00:00
Online course

We invite educational agents to take an online training and receive the British Council's certificate Foundation.

  • 8 week online delivery
  •  assessed by a formal written exam 

Course Study Modules

  • UK education and training system; courses and qualifications
  • Quality assurance
  • Benefits of studying and living in the UK
  • Lifestyle – travel, accommodation, living costs, welfare
  • Different courses fees and scholarships
  • UK application procedures, entry requirements, visas and immigration


Am I eligible?

To apply you’ll need: to have agreements in place with at least two UK education institutions on the Register of Sponsors or British Council or EnglishUK accredited language school. 

We recommend that applicants for whom English is not a native language have achieved a level equivalent to IELTS 5.0 - 5.5.

Please note that this qualification is valid for a period of two years and the certificate is provided to the individual. Reissue is dependent on evidence of participation in continuing professional development activity through the advanced professional development route, the British Council Advanced Certificate.

Fees apply. For details, please, contact Valentina Orlova, Education project officer.

Start date: 1 December 2015.

Exam date: end of January (to be confirmed).