Thursday 22 October 2020 -
19:00 to 21:00

New Symmetry is a digital sharing of a new piece by Stephanie Singer. Composed & recorded during Singer’s residency in Russia in March 2020, New Symmetry is a 30-minute pop-electronica choral piece, accompanied by an animation. 

The score weaves 6 electronica/choral songs together to form one continuous piece of music. 

Produced by Amanda Mayo (Slow Shudder) whose luminous and immersive sound design envelops the listener. New Symmetry unfolds like a stream of consciousness inspired by the question: Is it possible for a person to change? 

Each song is an intimate window into Singer’s own emotional patterns, and between each song is spoken text intertwined with music. New Symmetry is part album, part podcast, and part pep-talk.  It seeks to inspire people to open themselves up, to look at their emotional patterns & rhythms, and to see what happens when they embrace the idea that the world is changing constantly, every cell is in flux. New Symmetry is a futuristic, surreal piece inspired by Laurie Anderson, Russian polyphonic choral music, and 1970s concepts of the future.

Audiences will receive two recipes designed by Alina Kuznetcova’s to eat along with New Symmetry. Other elements include:

  • A short exercise devised by Natalya Levchenko 
  • Illustrations & animations by Maria Medem
  • Original design by Freyja Sewell
  • Music by Stephanie Singer

This is the first sharing of this unique collaboration between a group of international female artists. Stephanie Singer (UK) wrote the music whilst in Yekaterinburg in March 2020, collaborators are: producer Amanda Mayo (Seattle, USA), designer Freyja Sewell (London, UK), illustrator Maria Medem (Seville, Spain), dancer Natalya Levchenko (Yekaterinburg, RU), chef Alina Kuznetcova (Yekaterinburg, RU), translator Alexandra Yaroslavtseva (Yekaterinburg, RU) and singer Inna Medvedeva (Yekaterinburg, RU).


  • Steph Singer, a director and composer creating immersive music and musical theatre. Her work is bold, playful and intimate. Through her company, BitterSuite, she produces multi-sensory works of art. Independently she composes for film, animation, theatre, and installations.
  • Alina Kuznetsova, raw and plant-based food certified chef and author
  • Natalya Levchenko, breathing facilitator 
  • Tom Sweet, music programme manager, British Council London

The event will be in English with Russian translation.

The performance starts at 5 pm UK time. 
Zoom link