Tuesday 15 April 2014 - 00:00 to Sunday 18 May 2014 - 00:00
ЦВЗ «Манеж», Манежная площадь, 1, Москва

The Golden Age of Russian Avant-garde is a large — scale exhibition project, created especially for the big exhibition hall of the Moscow Manege Museum by Peter Greenaway (Great Britain) and Saskia Boddeke (Holland) supported by British Council.

The world premiere will take place in Moscow in April 2014 and will become one of the key projects of the UK-Russia Year of Culture 2014. The project will allow the broad public to acquaint itself with the most important works of the Russian Avant-garde of the 20th century in the context of media.

The project will continue the series of «animated» by Peter Greenaway, including da Vinci’s «Last Supper», Rembrandt’s «Night Watch» and «Marriage at Cana» of Veronese. Greenaway himself defines this work as applied history of art: telling the story of art not with a text, external to art, but by the means of art himself.

The multimedia installation of Peter Greenaway and Saskia Boddeke will animate more than 400 masterpieces of Russian avant-garde. With the help of multimedia techniques rare pieces of Russian avant-garde from the collections of the Russian Museum, Tretyakov Gallery, Schusev Architectural Museum, Bakhrushin Theatre Museum and private collections will be shown. «Black Square» by Kazimir Malevich — perhaps the most famous work of Russian avant-garde — will be used as the basis and the central metaphor of the exposition.

The unique exposition will be presented on the territory of 5000 square metres.It will include polyscreen installations made with the helpof the most up-to-date projection, light and sound equipment. New approach to the history of art creates new visuality and new possibilities of knowing the world through images. Using polyscreen as an artistic method not only allows to show new aspects in paintings or sculptures: synchronised image, bound together by a single idea, creates new architectonics, providing another dimension for the museum exposition.Combining cinema and painting, animation and 3D technology helps create a unified atmospheric work, involving a viewer into the space of Russian avant-garde.

Innovative multimedia technologies used in the project not just help to demonstrate digital reproductions of the most brilliant works of Russian avant-garde, but immerse a viewer into the context of the epoch, create the effect of amended reality, revealing new meanings.

According to Greenaway, «what we do is in tune with our times, and of course, this approach is not in any way to detract from the merits of the works kept in the museum. But we do not leave them to gather dust there, we take them with us to the present and to the future». 

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