Monday 03 March 2014 - 00:00 to Thursday 06 March 2014 - 00:00
Москва, Санкт-Петербург

Forum «MuseON: New Technologies and Tendencies in developing museums and sightseeing in Russia and Great Britain» will be held in St. Peterburg and Moscow in March 3–6 in the context of official programme of the UK-Russia Year of Culture 2014.

The Forum will become a ground for meetings of museum communities from Russia and Great Britain, discussing topical issues of museum activities, and demonstrating the latest museum projects and technologies.

A programme of the MuseON Forum includes meetings with British experts, between British companies and Russian museums, and seminars.

The Forum will provide an opportunity of ongoing cultural and commercial dialogue between Russian and British museums, organisations involved in the area of culture and businesses to expend opportunities of co-operation.



  • March 3
    9:00–14:00 The MuseON Forum Opening in the State Russian Museum (Marble Palace, 5/1, Millionnaya Ul. )
    There will be a discussion of museum experts from the UK and Russia. In the afternoon Russian participants will be able to meet with representatives of the British delegation, i. e.companies engaged in the area of cultural heristage. At the end of the fisrt day of the Forum there will be an official reception at the Residence of the UK Concul General in St. Petersburg.
    14:00 A press-conference will be held in the Marble Palace (5/1, Millionnaya Ul. ).UK Consul General in St. Petersburg Keith Allan, Chairman of the Committee for culture in St. Petersburg V. Pankratov, deputy Director of the Russian Museum A. Tsvetkova, a representatives of the British Council, and participants of the Forum from Great Britain are invited to take part in the press-conference.
  • March 4
    Cultural Fund PRO ARTE and UK Consulate General in St. Petersburg will organize seminars of two British experts on museum design and architecture. The experts are architect Steven Cannon-Bruks and designer Jonathan Barnbruke.


  • March 5
    A seminar in the Museum of Moscow. Representatives of British museums and companies will make presentations about their successful experience both in the UK and abroad. Participants of the seminar will be able to meet with representatives of the British companies and museums. After the seminar they will be invited to a reception at the Residence of UK Ambassador Tim Barrow.
    The British delegation will hold meetings with representatives of the largest Russian museums, Committees on culture of Moscow and St. Petersburg, as part of the visit in Russia.

Interpretation/translation from English into Russian and vice versa will be provided at all events of the Forum.