Thursday 19 June 2014 -
16:00 to 23:59
Moscow, the British Council office

Learners usually attain a much higher level of proficiency in the receptive skills than in the productive skills. Speaking skills, like listening skills, are often neglected in the classroom or teachers assume that they are an area that does not require instruction or facilitation. In order to communicate effectively through speaking, students must exhibit fluency, clarity, and an awareness of audience.Such verbal communication skills are learned through practice and observation of an effective speaker, such as the teacher. The key to encouraging speaking skills in the classroom is creating the proper environment in which students feel relaxed, and social interaction with peers is encouraged. Therefore, it’s essential for the teacher to organize their instructional program around a positive, receptive attitude and a physical environment conducive to language use.

The workshop will look at how teachers can best assist learners to develop all the elements involved in successful spoken transactions. A framework that has been developed to help teachers plan the teaching of spoken skills more effectively will be summarized. Examples of how the framework can be used to create a sequence of activities that help develop a student’s competence in speaking in particular contexts will be also offered.

Presenter: Anna Pochepaeva — development Director of Language 360 Ltd,, PhD in Pedagogics, DELTA certified teacher, EGE expert, certified master-trainer of Pearson Test of English (PTE)