Thursday 24 April 2014 -
16:00 to 18:00
Москва, офис Британского Совета

Do our students really need English-English dictionaries in and outside the classroom? Why are there so many titles available? Which guiding principles can we apply while choosing the learner’s dictionary?

These are the questions you are going to shed some light on during they presentation. You will run through the whole gamut of OUP learner’s dictionaries and think about different kinds of activities you can do with your students to enhance their learning experience.

The talk is based on Oxford learner’s monolingual dictionaries: Essential, Wordpower, Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, Student’s Dictionary and Learner’s Dictionary of Academic English. 

Speaker: Dmitry Tolstykh is a freelance teacher of English from Moscow who has been working as a methodology sector specialist at RELOD company. His interests include various aspects of teaching adults, language acquisition and polyglotism.