Wednesday 25 June 2014 -
15:30 to 16:30

Developing education and Communicative teaching — What do they have in common?

Communicative teaching is a methodology that is usually associated with British course books, something Western and even not compatible with serious academic work that students should be doing at school and university. In the webinar I would claim the opposite: the principles of communicative teaching are closely connected with the called developing education, which originated here, in this part of the world, and has been successfully practised by teachers of different subjects. In my opinion, developing education lies at the heart of the best pedagogical practices. Why not use its techniques and principles while teaching English? As for the so-called traditional teaching of foreign languages, I strongly believe that this is a purely imported product, alien to the humanistic nature of the teaching profession.

Does that sound too categorical and direct? Well, feel free to disagree

Webinar will be available through this link.